All About The Toffee


What flavors of toffee are available?

Currently, we offer Classic Almond Toffee in various sizes.  We plan to add several flavors in the future.  To be announced!

What sizes are offered?
Sweet Dane’s Toffee is available in bags & boxes.

Bags - ¼ lb. re-sealable pouch (4 oz.) and 2 lb. re-sealable pouch. (32 oz.).

Boxes - ½ lb. Signature Box (8 oz.), ¾ lb. Box (12 oz. - limited supply), 1 lb. Signature Box (16 oz.), and a 2 lb. Gift Tin (32 oz.)

How long does your toffee last?
We make Sweet Dane’s Toffee without preservatives or additives.  For maximum freshness, we recommend eating it within 2 weeks of opening the bag.  If you live in a humid climate, it’s best to refrigerate or freeze your toffee.  Important – let your toffee reach room temperature before opening the bag, otherwise condensation will form on your toffee and affect the crunchiness.

Are there allergens in Sweet Dane’s Toffee?
Yes, our toffee contains milk products (butter), soy (chocolate) and nuts (almonds).

Is Sweet Dane’s Toffee available without nuts?
No, we don’t offer our toffee without nuts.  It just wouldn’t be the same!