Our Story

Who is "Sweet Dane"?  That's me, Dana Shinn-Weidner and Dane is a nickname I've had since childhood.

Right here is where we get to toot our own horn a little bit. Good cooks run in our family! This toffee has been a family tradition for generations. Our grandma first got the recipe from Great Aunt Betty in the 1950's. Aunt Betty always told us that there was one special secret, one trick that separates our toffee from the rest of the pack. And no, of course we aren't going to tell you that trick! But, we will tell you that we use only the freshest ingredients and no preservatives. When you taste it, you'll find it hard to believe it only has four ingredients - butter, sugar, almonds & chocolate.

Every year, a batch of toffee would kick off the holiday season. While Dad struggled with the tree lights & Mom was in the kitchen, that familiar, buttery, sugary smell would begin to waft throughout the house. It was always the smell of toffee that signified that special time of year for our family. For years, we dressed it up in pretty tins and gave it to our friends as gifts and carried it to our work Christmas parties. People began to look forward to it every year and were disappointed if they didn't receive it! For years, people would take one bite and say, "This is so delicious - how do you make it?" Next came, "This is so good you should sell it!"

So... after 60 years, we are sharing our family's most treasured confection with you. In addition to your own personal enjoyment, this means that YOU get to spread the joy to others, too. (You can even claim it as your own - we'll never tell!)

Since we began selling our toffee, we've been blessed with steady growth and loyal customers. And as a result, we quickly outgrew our facilities (aka the 4-burner kitchen stove) and are now making toffee in our new licensed, commercial kitchen. And what this means is that we are small enough to still personalize and customize each order and yet large enough to handle the corporate orders for Fortune 500 companies.

Fair warning, though, this is highly addictive! One bite and you might not want to share! Give it as a gift and friends & clients will expect it every year! Give it to your boss and ensure your job security!

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying!

“I just had some of your toffee and it was AMAZING!”     ~ Katelyn Bachman

“Oh my gosh, Dana - That is the best toffee I've ever had!  I've already eaten most of it and didn't even share it with my boys!”     ~Karen Chambers

“I used your toffee for birthday gifts for my clients.  First of all, your product is sooooo good!  I always received calls or thank you notes from my clients telling me how much they enjoyed the treat.  The only problem was it usually didn’t last too long because once you open the bag you can’t stop eating it!    ~Patt Stansberry

“It is very well received and unique. People we give this gift to ask us for it again year after year.  We’ve been purchasing Sweet Dane’s toffee for the past 5 years and will continue to be a customer in the future!”     ~Piper Ayala

"We were introduced to your toffee by a business partner and have fallen in love!  Our office is abuzz as everyone here cannot believe how good toffee can be.  Several people said to me, “I really don’t like toffee”, but I made them taste it and they were shocked because it is so smooth and wonderful, unlike any toffee most people have tried!"     ~Becky McTarsney

“I frickin’ love that toffee!!!!”     ~Kay Moore

"Perfect combination of flavors and texture. We love it!"     ~Ann Cahill

"I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your toffee!!   It is wonderful... I've used it for gifts for my real estate business, gifts for friends, and most of all introduced it to my family who thinks it's the next best thing to Facebook !!!    Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!"      ~Judy Stewart

"This toffee is THE best!"    ~Patty Bengel

"Your toffee is so YUMMY!!!"    ~Pam Shoemaker

"Sweet Dane's Toffee melts in your mouth and is like eating a little bit of heaven!  It's so delicious that I can't stop eating it!"      ~Susan Muckenthaler

“My out of town family looks forward to the toffee for Christmas each year.  And, the owner of the company was so kind and helpful! I just LOVE her!  She totally goes out of her way to make her customers happy and the giving season stress-free.”     ~Shannon McCluskey

“We can't eat just one piece!  Sweet Dane's is a fantastic local product that is absolutely delicious. I have given it as gifts and everyone loves it!”     ~Dianne Stallman 


“We think it’s the best toffee we have ever tasted and our family is very picky!”     ~Tammy Ryno

“Sweet Dane's Toffee is a fabulous product.  The toffee tastes amazing and is very fresh, the packaging is phenomenal, the web-site is easy to navigate, and the customer service is stellar.  I purchased several boxes of toffee at Christmas as gifts for family and friends.  Everyone loved it!  I definitely will be buying it again!”     ~Shaun Sullivan

“I was one of the first customers of Sweet Dane's Toffee when Dana's husband Joel told me, "You have to try some of this".   I've had great toffee but there is nothing like Sweet Dane's.  I love supporting local businesses and it is especially nice when those businesses are owned by good family friends.  Dana and Joel treat me like "one of their own" every time I place an order.  I guess what I love most about my experience is that there is a great story behind the great taste and the story is about family.  You have a family recipe, the family hand makes the toffee, and the customer experience makes you feel like you're a part of their family.  My clients love the toffee but on top of that, they are blown away when I tell them my neighbor just down the street from me made it.  Inevitably, they ask for her business card so they can order more.”     ~BD Horton

“Sweet Dane's key to success is a striking logo and identity, a smooth online buying experience and website, and a quality and memorable product.  These are basic business basics but they take effort, attention to detail, investment, and passion to make sure these are executed properly. Quality must be throughout the customer experience- this reflects the quality of the toffee. I love this toffee, this is a special treat that I feel special just in gifting to others, but also a splurge for myself and my family.”      ~Amy Scott

“I have already recommended it to others via word of mouth and via social media.  I love when I find something unique and delicious, so I want everyone to have the same special experience I did.”

"I love Sweet Dane’s Toffee.  In addition to being a great Christmas/Valentine gift, I send toffee to friends/family for those times when a thank you note isn't quite enough for a kindness extended to me and it's something the entire family can enjoy.  Sometimes though, I just like to eat it myself—it’s delicious! "     ~Linda Irons