Warm Weather Shipping


Because Sweet Dane's Toffee is extremely heat sensitive, your toffee will be sent USPS EXPRESS mail from May - September.  During extremely hot weather, it’s possible we’ll hold your order until the temperature cools.  You will be notified under these circumstances.


During cooler months, shipments are mailed USPS Priority (2-3 day delivery) or USPS Express mail (overnight delivery).  Shipping costs are dependent on the weight of the order, the destination per recipient and how quickly you need delivery.




Please allow 24 hours to process your order.  We make every attempt to send your toffee as quickly as possible, but sometimes during our busy season, it may take longer than 24 hours.  Very large orders require more time to process.


2-3 Day Shipping:  Monday & Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday)

Overnight Express Shipping:  Monday thru Thursday.


We want your toffee to arrive in the same perfect condition as when it left our kitchen, therefore we ship only on the scheduled days. We ship only on these days to reduce the chance that your package will be held in a truck or un-airconditioned warehouse over the weekend.  We will contact you if there’s any delay in shipping your order.


If possible, it’s always best to get your order in early with your requested shipping date and that way we’ll make sure your toffee arrives exactly when your craving calls!


NOTE: Technology is great, but sometimes mistakes are made.  If your order contains several items, being shipped to one address, we'll review the shipping charges to ensure they are correct.  If necessary, adjustments will be made.